Amy's Blog


June 23, 2014

WRONG. Listen ladies, make it cute and keep a stand-by product, such as moroccan oil, in your bag. Just apply through out the day when it gets frizzy. (a little goes a long way.)  Do not be afraid of it, this will not weigh your hair down.  If you have short hair do not over product before you get to your destination, bring the product with you.  Once you have arrived hit a public bathroom and put your head under the hand drier or use a towel to remove excess water .  Proceed to apply your paste to style your hair.   For those of you with mid length hair that is super straight try a cute head band with a low pony or a cute side part with a beret and then a low pony.  Those of us a little more adventurous with straight or curly hair distinguish a part and take two front sections braid or just rope two pieces and then place toward middle of back of your head or at the nape and secure with a bobby pin or two tiny clear elastic bands.  Now decide whether to leave the rest down or pull halfway through a clear elastic.  You can choose to wrap the two braids or ropes around the pony or leave them where you anchored them on your head.  First rule to a successful hairstyle is to relax and don't be so structured make it your own.