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Unveiling your new youthful hair

June 23, 2014

We all loved our hair color when we look at pictures of ourselves as children or we see children of today and say "if I only had that color". Unfortunately the maturing process most often times will darken and make the hair ashy or super neutral.  Skin coloring also changes over time, however the skin and the hair do not simultaneously change to compliment  you.  It is up to your stylist after a thorough consultation to create the overall look that wows others and more importantly makes you feel amazing. How you can contribute to this discovery and creation is to bring photos of yourself at points in your life where you liked your color as well as pictures from magazines that you like and dislike.  By doing this it enables your stylist to see tones you are drawn to and tones you dislike.  Once that is established the discussion of tones that compliment you best, which may concur with your likes or be polar opposites, should be coordinated together to create a hue that compliments and is comfortable for you.